Invited Faculty
  • Je-Min Choi
    Hanyang Univ.
  • Dr. Je-Min Choi is a T cell immunologists and a tenured professor at Hanyang University in Korea. He recently honored to be a member of Young-Korean Academy of Science and Technology (Y-KAST). He was graduated at Department of Biotechnology, Yonsei University and completed graduate school at Yonsei for both Master and Ph.D. During his master’s degree, he investigated antioxidant function of Neohesperidin dihydrochalcone, which is a sweetener and a derivative of Neohesperidin compound, against cellular stress. Then, he moved his research area into Immunology filed during Ph.D. He studied CTLA-4 signaling in T cells to modulate inflammation in allergic asthma and autoimmune arthritis by utilizing cell-penetrating peptide. When he started post-doctoral training at Yale University School of Medicine, he continued immune modulation study with Foxp3 to induce Treg cells in colitis model. He also investigated a role of PPARg in CD4 T cells regarding TFH/germinal center response and sex-different autoimmunity. He has been working at Hanyang University for last 13 years as an independent researcher and tenured professor also served as a department chair. His current major interests are pathogenic T cell functions in autoimmune diseases as well as development of immune modulatory drugs by targeting T cell functions. 1) Antigen-independent bystander T cell functions in autoimmune disease pathogenesis, 2) Single-cell analysis to reveal functional heterogeneity of diverse T cell clones, 3) Immune modulatory drug development in autoimmune disease, allergy, cancer, vaccine, etc. 4) Sex-differences in autoimmunity and T cell functions.
    Research & Clinical Focus

    CD4 T cell

    Autoimmune disease

    Bystander T cell response

    Immune modulation

  • Date Time Room Session Title Lecture Title
    May 20 13:00-13:30 Room B [Symposium] KCR-KAI Joint Symposium Role of bystander T cells in autoimmune diseases